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Buy Motorcycle Battery

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Wondering When To Get A Motorcycle Battery Replacement? Consider These Signs


Motorcycle batteries aren’t designed to last forever. After all, they are just boxes of chemicals that lose their potency over time. That said, when a motorcycle battery is about to go flat, you really won’t be surprised because of the signs you’ll notice on your vehicle even before the battery retires. However, you don’t need to wait until your battery dies because the only fix you can have for this is to get a fresh battery replacement.     

If you want to know when you should consider getting a motorcycle battery replacement, then consider some of the signs listed in the paragraphs below.

Starting Problems

On modern bikes, some conditions disallow the motorcycle to start if, for example, you haven’t pulled the clutch in or the side stand isn’t up. Check to see if the key is in the ignition position. These small details can mimic more significant problems with your bike, like a dead battery.

If your engine is turning over at the appropriate speed when you twist the key, then you probably don’t have a battery problem. On the other hand, if you’re getting a cranking problem, then your diagnosis is most likely a battery issue and it’s time to consider getting the best motorcycle battery UK replacement to avoid further issues from arising.

Headlights and Horn

One of the simplest ways to check your battery for problems is to turn your key on and check your bike's headlight. If the beam is dim and flickering, you probably have a battery-related issue.

Additionally, if you tap your horn and it doesn't seem to have as much volume as it used to, or if it doesn't make any noise, this is another indicator that your need to get the best motorcycle battery UK replacement.

Clicking sound when you turn the key

When you turn your key in the ignition, your motorcycle battery sends a current to an electrical component to get things going. That said, a failing battery will have problems performing this function. Moreover, the electrical current sent to the starter will be much weaker or inefficient. When the starter receives reduced or insufficient power from the battery, it often makes the clicking noise you're hearing.

Slow crank

If you have been driving you vehicle for quite some time, you would become attuned to the normal sounds that your motorcycle makes. If you notice your engine cranks more slowly or sluggishly than normal when you turn the key, your battery may be nearing its death so you should consider where to buy motorcycle battery replacements next. Don't ignore this red flag!

Idle issues

Another reason to have your battery checked is if you notice that the battery of your motorbike is experiencing issues running while at idle. Without enough juice from the battery, many motorbikes will die at idle speeds. If you have to keep the throttle open, even just a small amount to keep the engine running, have your battery inspected and consider where to buy motorcycle battery replacements.

Prior dead batteries

It’s a given fact that motorcycle batteries are not quite as rugged as those installed in large vehicles. That said, you can’t expect the same durability those batteries provide. Once the power has been completely drained, or the battery is simply getting old, many will refuse to recharge fully, or hold a charge properly. If you notice any signs of battery weakness, whether over time or as a sudden occurrence, have your battery examined.

Several electrical components

Most motorcycles nowadays come with several attached electrical components, which also require higher battery consumption. Popular electrical components such as heated gear will use up more battery power and cause it to work overtime whilst trying to keep every part of the motorcycle running correctly. While modern motorcycle batteries are designed to cope with this type of strain, you need to have the motorcycle battery checked regularly, especially if you use your motorcycle a lot.

Finding a new motorcycle battery replacement isn’t hard to do, especially if you know when your old one is about to go flat. By taking note of all the signs listed above, you can prepare well, and even reserve a battery box for your vehicle from your trusted bike shop. And once you get your replacement, make sure to keep an eye on its condition, and provide the proper maintenance and good restoration it needs to prolong its lifespan and ensure its efficiency while being used. By keeping a close eye on your battery’s condition and performance, you can prevent any untoward incident such as getting stranded in unfamiliar places, or worse even, getting into an accident.    

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